Pet Cementary

Pet Cemetary

Open daily
Facility: Many stable tables, the best toilets at any cave I know, a short walk and then down some stairs.
Maximum depth: 7m/21ft

Pet Cemetery is promoted for snorkeling excursions under the name Mystic River as this cavern area has a huge and very dark snorkelingl section. This means divers can penetrate far into a cave system while still respecting one of the important rules of cavern diving that states never to be more than 60m/200 ft from a surface with an exit.

I particularly love the outside of the cenote, as the owners are ecologically minded and have built using wood only. The calcium sediment that was dragged out of the cenote to provide snorkeling possibilities in the entrance area now fills the paths down to the cenote and to the other installations. You will feel as if you are in paradise here. The dive itself is another true jewel because of the formations and reflections as well as the possibility to see fossils and some extraordinary living creatures. tThis site only opened to cavern diving in 2008 and, unfortunately, we can document the deterioration of the cave due to insufficient buoyancy skills of divers. Don’t be misled by the shallow depth as shallow water diving is the most complicated and requires skillful buoyance control. Once you master this, I may take you here and then you may find yourself ready to do the next step and get your training in diving in an overhead environment.