Dream Gate


Open daily
Facility: nice tables and toilet, equipment will be lowered with a rope, divers descend using a narrow ladder.
Maximum depth: 7m/21ft

This cenote was made accessible to the public in early 2008 and since then has gained the status of the best cavern dive in the area. It is just incredible how richly decorated the entire cavern section is. This gives you a feel for how some of the caves look. Make sure that you have excellent trim and buoyancy control because of the shallow depth, the short line, the need to dive very slowly and be aware of the many decorations left, right, above and below the line. I won’t take you there the first day, as this is advanced diving and the need for conservation and protection is a main priority, but once you’ve earned yourself a dive in Dreamgate, you’ll know why it was given this name.
We take only divers, the do an other Cenote Dive before with us there!