Temple of Doom – Calavera

Open daily
Facility: The recently built toilet is not open to divers unless you pay extra, two tables for equipment set-up, quite a walk to the entrance and an adventorous entry jump.
Maximum depth: 16 m/50 ft

Also close to Tulum, Calavera is basically a hole in the ground in which the water surface is found about 3 m/10 ft lower. The cavern line goes in a circle at varying depths and touches in and out of the halocline. The circuit is dived in 25 minutes so the rest of the time, we explore shallower depths and close to the surface. In the salt water, the visibility is clear whereas the fresh water mostly is a little greenish which adds to the halocline effect. The stone in the deeper parts is pure white limestone and in the shallow area we can find some pretty cute stalactites.